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Who is driving? Know your fleet!

Case Study – January 2023

A&S Markething Ltd.

Location – Stratford, London

Devices Installed – 120+


This customer came to Tracking Hardware UK looking for driver ID for various vehicles including trucks, vans ,pickups, private vehicles and machinery.

Requirements included knowing which driver is driving which vehicle, reports for each driver and timesheets for working hours.

Solution Provided

Tracking Hardware implemented Driver ID keypads immobilisers to each vehicle providing a robust and secure driver authentication system that also prevents theft and unauthorised usage whilst also fulfilling the customer’s requirements for driver reports. The keypads work alongside the Teltonika FMB120 hard-wired tracking device.

All Tracking Hardware solutions including the Keypad are visible through any leading platform portal, IOS, and Android Apps ensuring full visibility over the fleet and control at the touch of a button.


With over 120 keypad tracker systems installed and the fleet forever growing the customer uses the new and improved solution to identify drivers on the map screen and run daily/weekly reports. Pin codes for each driver can easily be added and removed in a simple process allowing you full control over your assets and fleet.

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