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The Superiority of Driver Identification Keypads Over RFID Readers


In the fast-paced world of fleet management, precision, security, and ease of use are paramount. Tracking Hardware UK introduces a game-changing solution: Driver Identification Keypads. In this blog, we explore the benefits of opting for Keypads over traditional RFID readers, highlighting their seamless integration with leading GPS manufacturers such as Teltonika.

1. Dynamic Access Control:

One of the standout features of Driver Identification Keypads is the ability to change access codes on the fly. Fleet managers can adapt quickly to changing schedules, restrict vehicle usage during specific hours, or enhance security by modifying codes promptly. This dynamic access control ensures optimal control over the fleet.

2. Versatility Across GPS Manufacturers:

Driver Identification Keypads from Tracking Hardware UK boast compatibility with the most popular GPS manufacturers in the market, including Teltonika, Queclink, Ruptela and Digital Matter. In fact it would work with any tracking device that supports 1-wire protocol. This cross-compatibility facilitates a smooth integration process, allowing fleet managers to leverage their existing GPS infrastructure seamlessly.

3. Enhanced Security and Accountability:

The Keypads contribute to heightened security measures by offering a personalized approach to driver authentication. Each driver is assigned a unique code, allowing for accurate tracking and accountability. Unlike RFID systems that rely on pre-programmed cards or tags, Keypads add an extra layer of security through unique user identification codes.

4. Cost-Effective Solution:

When compared to traditional RFID readers, Driver Identification Keypads often present a more cost-effective solution. The flexibility to change access codes, coupled with their advanced functionalities, ensures efficient fleet management without breaking the bank.

5. Global Compatibility:

Fleet operations extend far beyond local borders. The Driver Identification Keypads, designed for the worldwide market, ensure uniformity across all units. Whether your fleet operates in the UK, Europe, or beyond, these Keypads offer a standardized solution tailored to diverse geographical needs.

6. Immediate Code Updates:

In situations where access privileges need immediate adjustment, the Keypads enable prompt code updates. This real-time functionality ensures swift responses to changes in driver permissions, allowing for greater control over the fleet's operational schedule.


In the realm of fleet management, precision and adaptability are key. Driver Identification Keypads from Tracking Hardware UK provide a future-forward solution, offering dynamic access control, compatibility with leading GPS manufacturers, enhanced security, and cost-effective efficiency. Upgrade your fleet management strategy today and experience the next level of operational excellence.

For inquiries or a demonstration of our Driver Identification Keypads, feel free to contact Tracking Hardware UK.

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