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Smart Fuel Cap

The Smart Solution for your fuel Safety 

Tracking Hardware Smart Fuel Cap solution is a fuel security system against the fuel theft problem in heavy commercial vehicles in the transportation sector. Remote monitoring, deterrent LED warning light and alarm in case of theft attempt can be listed as the most important features of this Smart Fuel Cap.

Smart Fuel Cap
Smart Fuel Cap
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  • Wireless Solution:
    The Smart Fuel Cap communicates with GPS tracking devices via Bluetooth. Integrated with all the Teltonika devices. 

  • Rotatesense:

    This feature detects tampering before the cap is opened thanks to its sensor technology and triggers GPS Tracking System to give user or fleet manager push notification.


  • Disincentive LED Warning:

    LED indicator on the Trak Smart Fuel Cap indicates that the fuel cap is being tracked. This feature is good particularly for threads from outside.

  • Robust Design:

    Automotive grade material and design to fulfill the requirements of harsh conditions.

  • Plug and Use:

    No need for DRILLING, CUTTING, CABLING, etc. Plug-and-use solution!

  • Long Battery Lifespan:

    Integrated battery provides more than 5 years of lifespan. 

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