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Cargo Theft and Crime Targeting Trucks: How You Can Secure Yourself?

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

Cargo theft and other criminal activity targeting trucks can occur in a variety of ways, from small-scale events in which a few goods are stolen to hijacking or blatant theft of the whole rig. Trucks left unattended in parking lots are one of the most frequent targets for cargo theft.

The reason for this is that truck stops and overnight storage facilities do not have secure parking facilities. In addition to an outside threat, this problem also involves an insider threat. With insider knowledge, trucking company employees and other supply chain participants can coordinate theft attacks.

Now the question arise that how you can secure yourself during cargo theft and crime targeting trucks. Let’s find out.

3 Ways To Secure Yourself From Cargo Theft and Crime Targeting Trucks

The following are 3 ways by which you can secure yourself from cargo theft and crime targeting trucks:

1.Conduct Background Checks of Employee and Check Carrier Activity

Background checks should be conducted on all employees, carriers, and anyone with access to shipment information. Nowadays, internal cargo theft is a growing problem within the freight industry, affecting more companies than they realize.

Maintaining the confidentiality of shipment information and vetting workers and carriers who will handle shipments will help prevent accidents. Ensure that all available resources are used to verify the identification and safety of the carrier, as well as the accuracy of the data. Finally, the most effective way to stop cargo theft is to develop stringent, consistent security screening measures.

2.Make Use of Advanced Technology

In the event that cargo is stolen, businesses can keep track of their assets by using cutting-edge technologies like GPS and shipment tracking. Numerous technological options are available, including apps with an alarm feature and driver ID keypads by Tracking Hardware.

When the truck or driver deviates from the planned path, it alerts you. Monitoring numerous services that alert users to suspect activity is also helpful. Do not be afraid to report anything questionable if you observe it. The more information that is available, the simpler it is to protect your cargo with a driver id keypad.

3.Keep Waiting Times To a Minimum

Every time a truck stops for an extended period of time, the cargo is always at some risk. Minimize the necessity for weekend transits that can involve long stay times to lessen your risk of cargo theft. If you're a carrier traveling through a region where cargo theft is widespread, make sure to prepare ahead and avoid leaving your vehicle unattended for an extended period of time. Moreover, keep in mind that arranging loads around holidays makes it more likely that your cargo may be stolen.


Cargo theft and crime targeting trucks is a widespread issue in the United States and United Kingdom. You should follow the above mentioned strategies to secure yourself.

Get advanced technology, use up to date gadgets and keep track of your cargo and drivers to secure yourself. Get in touch with Tracking Hardware to know more.

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