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Teltonika ADAS
FMC125: About the Company
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FMC640 and ADAS camera designed to avoid collisions and accidents with visual monitoring functionality

By comparing the rates of police-reported crashes, studies have found that forward collision warning systems and crash avoidance technologies lower front-to-rear crashes by 27%. They may substantially increase the effectiveness of driving, save lives, and reduce vehicle repair costs. Having this in mind, we present you with the innovative video solution – Teltonika ADAS.

It is ideal to avoid potential accidents as its camera detects vehicles, pedestrians, bicycles, motorcycles, and lane markings on the roads. ADAS notifies drivers with sound and visual warnings of various events. Safety features are designed to avoid collisions and traffic accidents with technologies that alert drivers, fleet managers, and dispatchers of potential collisions or common mistakes on the road by tracking and analyzing events in real-time as well as monitoring visual data (pictures or video) of events.

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