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Cellocator devices


One MultiSense for Many Different Environment Sensing Capabilities

With the ever increasing growth and challenges in global supply chains, maintaining an accurate picture of happening across your business at any given time is practically impossible. An individual MultiSense or MultiSenses forming a sensor network can greatly enhance your supply chain management and costs.
The MultiSense is an innovative, smart and compact monitoring device, which includes a range of internal embedded sensors that can sense temperature, relative humidity, light, impact, movement, orientation change, magnetic (door/window open/close status), and more.
These sensors play a big role in reducing risk and exposure to losses, in turn bringing peace of mind to customers.
The MultiSense communicates via 2.4GHz short range frequency communication protocol to the CelloTrack Nano device or any other hub that supports the same RF communication protocol.
The solution offers real-time visibility, security and awareness of cargo and asset location, in addition to the condition, problems and delays throughout the supply chain.

MultiSense: Services
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