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Boost Your Fleet Management with Teltonika FMT100 Tracker

Looking for a reliable vehicle tracker to help streamline your business operations? Look no further than the Teltonika FMT100. In this blog, we'll dive into the superior features of the FMT100, including its advanced antitheft system and exceptional waterproofing. We'll also compare it to other Teltonika products like the FMP100 and FMC920. But what sets Tracking Hardware apart as a leading supplier of the FMT100? Please learn about their quality assurance, competitive pricing, and fast delivery guarantee. We'll also explore how a reliable vehicle tracker like the FMT100 can boost operational efficiency and ensure safety and security for your fleet. Ready to take your business to the next level? Learn why the Teltonika FMT100 is the best choice for businesses today and easily monitor your fleet.

The Teltonika GPS Vehicle Tracker is a durable and reliable device designed to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Teltonika FMT100 Tracker

It is waterproof, ideal for wet environments, and features an accelerometer that detects changes in acceleration or sudden impacts. This feature enables the device to send alerts in real-time, providing valuable information about the safety and security of your vehicle. With its advanced GPS technology, the FMT100 can accurately track the location of your vehicle and provide detailed reports on its movements. It is excellent for fleet management, logistics companies, and personal vehicle tracking needs.

Teltonika FMT100 GPS Vehicle Tracker – Waterproof with Accelerometer.

If you're searching for a vehicle tracker that can withstand any weather condition, look no further than the Teltonika FMT100. Designed with durability in mind, this device is truly built to last. It is fully waterproof, perfecting for those working in wet environments where other trackers might fail.

Its advanced accelerometer feature sets the FMT100 apart from other trackers. This built-in sensor detects changes in acceleration or sudden impacts, allowing the device to send real-time alerts. These alerts provide valuable information about the safety and security of your vehicle, giving you peace of

Understanding the Teltonika FMT100: A Detailed Overview

The Teltonika FMT100 is designed in a compact and lightweight form, making it easy to install and conceal. Its advanced GPS technology enables accurate real-time tracking, while its wide range of input and output interfaces allows for seamless integration. The FMT100 also supports multiple communication protocols for flexible connectivity and ensures reliable performance even in extreme weather conditions. With regular updates and enhancements, the firmware of the FMT100 ensures optimal functionality and performance. Additionally, the FMT100 can read data from Bluetooth Low Energy sensors, providing valuable insights and information for effective vehicle tracking and management. The FMT100 also has advanced 4G LTE technology, ensuring fast and reliable real-time tracking and monitoring connectivity.

Superior Features of Teltonika FMT100

The Teltonika FMT100 boasts superior features, making it an outstanding business vehicle tracker. The internal high-gain GNSS antenna, the biggest in its class, ensures excellent signal reception, while its solid waterproof case provides durability and protection. The internal backup battery ensures uninterrupted operation, and Bluetooth connectivity allows for wireless configuration and data transfer. Additionally, the fast power cable connection simplifies installation. The Teltonika FMT100 offers enhanced GPS tracking capabilities with its internal high-gain GNSS antenna, including the internal high-gain GNSS antenna, the biggest in its class, which allows mounting directly on the car battery under the hood. This small, smart, and waterproof GNSS tracker with Bluetooth connectivity and an internal backup battery is the perfect solution for businesses looking for reliable vehicle tracking under the hood.

How Tracking Hardware Stands Out as a Leading Supplier of FMT100

With extensive experience in the GPS tracking industry, Tracking Hardware stands out as a leading supplier of FMT100. They offer excellent customer service and technical support, ensuring businesses have reliable tracking solutions. Their competitive pricing doesn't compromise quality and provides a wide range of compatible accessories and add-ons. Trusted by businesses worldwide, Tracking Hardware is the go-to choice for reliable and efficient tracking hardware solutions.

Quality Assurance and Competitive Pricing at Tracking Hardware

At Tracking Hardware, we prioritize quality assurance through rigorous testing and comprehensive quality control measures. Our vehicle trackers, including the Teltonika FMT100, undergo thorough testing and setup to ensure reliable performance. We also understand the importance of affordability, offering pricing options to suit different budgets. With a comprehensive warranty and after-sales support, we strive to provide value for money without compromising performance. Continuous product improvement based on customer feedback allows us to stay ahead in the competitive tracking hardware market.

Fast and Seamless Delivery Guarantee by Tracking Hardware

With efficient order processing and shipping procedures, Tracking Hardware ensures fast and seamless delivery. They offer international shipping options for global customers and have a dedicated logistics team for timely deliveries. Real-time tracking of shipments provides transparency, while secure packaging protects products during transit.

Comparing FMT100 with Other Teltonika Products

FMT100 stands out among other Teltonika products due to its unique applications and use cases. FMP100 offers different features and specifications to cater to varied needs. Similarly, FMC920 differs from FMT100 with its distinct functionalities. When choosing the right tracker for specific requirements, a comparative analysis between FMT100 and FMB003 becomes essential.

FMT100 vs FMP100: What Sets Them Apart?

When comparing the FMT100 and FMP100, it's clear that they have varied form factors and installation options. Additionally, they offer different sets of features and functionalities, along with diverse communication capabilities for flexible connectivity. You can choose between these two options depending on your specific tracking requirements.

The Difference Between FMT100 and FMC920

When comparing the Teltonika FMT100 and the FMC920, several key differences exist. Firstly, the tracking capabilities and performance vary between the two models. Additionally, there are differences in input/output interfaces and connectivity options. The FMC920 offers the advantage of digital output, which can be used for various purposes, such as vehicle remote immobilizing. Choosing between the FMT100 and the FMC920 is important based on your specific tracking needs and objectives, considering factors such as vehicle type, communication requirements, and budget. For personalized recommendations, it's always a good idea to consult with experts in the field.

FMT100 and FMB003 - A Comparative Analysis

When comparing the FMT100 and FMB003 trackers, it is important to consider their detailed features. Size, power supply options, and communication protocols play a significant role in choosing the ideal tracker for specific tracking needs. Expert advice is available for tailored solutions.

The Advantage of Teltonika FMT100 Over Conventional GPS Trackers

Teltonika FMT100 surpasses conventional GPS trackers in several ways. Its superior reliability and accuracy ensure precise tracking, while advanced features and functionalities enhance overall performance. The tracker offers easy installation and configuration for added convenience. With wide compatibility with existing platforms, it seamlessly integrates into your tracking system. Moreover, Teltonika FMT100 provides a cost-effective solution without compromising quality.

Exceptional Waterproof Feature of FMT100

The remarkable waterproof case of the FMT100 ensures durability in any weather condition, including humidity, making it ideal for use in boats, motorcycles, and other water-based vehicles. It protects the tracker from rain or water splashes, allowing for reliable tracking even in wet environments. This feature keeps your vehicle safe and secure during heavy rain or floods. Additionally, the FMT100 is equipped with built-in accelerometer and gyroscope sensors, providing extremely accurate crash trace functionality. This makes the FMT100 perfectly suitable for insurance market solutions, protecting your vehicle from water damage and potential accidents. Virtually anyone can directly mount the device in 5 minutes or less on a car battery. The IP65-rated casing is designed to withstand poor weather conditions. Bluetooth LE-based wireless connection of external devices, such as low-energy beacons and sensors, allows for monitoring temperature, humidity, magnet detection, and movement.

The Advanced Antitheft System in FMT100

The FMT100 has an advanced antitheft system, providing added security for your vehicle. Real-time tracking enables quick recovery of stolen vehicles while alarms and notifications alert you of unauthorized access. The remote immobilization feature prevents unauthorized usage, giving you peace of mind knowing your vehicle is protected.

Importance of A Reliable Vehicle Tracker for Your Business

A reliable vehicle tracker enhances fleet management efficiency, including monitoring and vehicle theft alerting. With real-time location tracking, businesses can improve route planning and scheduling, leading to more efficient operations. By optimizing driver behavior, fuel consumption can be minimized, resulting in cost savings. Monitoring driver performance ensures safety and provides accurate data for insurance and compliance purposes. Incorporating a reliable vehicle tracker in your business operations, such as car rental and leasing monitoring, can provide numerous benefits.

How Can FMT100 Boost Operational Efficiency in Your Business?

Boosting operational efficiency in your business is a key goal, and the Teltonika FMT100 can help you achieve it. With real-time tracking, you can efficiently dispatch and coordinate tasks. Monitoring driver behavior improves productivity, while optimized routes reduce fuel costs. Maintenance alerts prevent breakdowns, and better resource allocation ensures effective workload management.

Ensuring Safety and Security with FMT100

With the Teltonika FMT100, safety and security are at the forefront. Real-time notifications for accidents or emergencies ensure prompt response. The SOS button provides immediate assistance in critical situations. Geofencing alerts when vehicles enter or exit designated areas. Driver behavior monitoring promotes safer habits. Crash trace data aids in accident investigations and insurance claims. The FMT100 is the perfect solution for ensuring safety and security on the road, including monitoring ignition status for enhanced security measures.

Why is Teltonika FMT100 Considered the Best Choice for Businesses Today?

Teltonika FMT100 is the best choice for businesses due to its versatility, reliable GPS tracking, long-lasting battery life, easy installation, and trusted brand reputation.

Monitor Your Fleet with Ease

Efficiently monitor and manage your fleet of commercial vehicles with Teltonika FMT100 telematics. Benefit from a centralized fleet management dashboard, providing real-time tracking and location updates for better visibility. Set up geofencing and receive alerts to ensure efficient fleet monitoring. Access detailed reports on driver behavior and vehicle performance, including insurance telematics and usage-based insurance (UBI). Stay connected on the go with the mobile app. Teltonika FMB003 is an ultra-small OBDII plug-and-play device with GNSS, GSM, BLE 4.0 connectivity, and CAN bus data reading capability. It is a perfect tracker for many use cases – fleet management of light commercial vehicles, driver log-book, car rental & leasing, and more. With the addition of the OBD tracker, you can now easily track and monitor your fleet's performance and ensure efficient management.


The Teltonika FMT100 is the ultimate solution for businesses looking to enhance their vehicle tracking capabilities. With its superior features, quality assurance, competitive pricing, and fast delivery guarantee, Tracking Hardware stands out as a leading supplier of the FMT100. When comparing it to other Teltonika products, the FMT100 surpasses them in terms of advanced features and functionality. Its exceptional waterproof feature and advanced anti-theft system make it a reliable business choice. The FMT100 not only boosts operational efficiency but also ensures the safety and security of your fleet. If you want to easily monitor your fleet and take your business to new heights, contact us today for more information.

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