Driver ID Keypad

The keypad is used for driver authentication and vehicle immobilizer.

The keypad is used for Driver ID input within the scope of the driver authentication feature of the tracking unit. The driver enters a Driver ID, which is transferred to the tracking unit and used for deactivating the vehicle immobilizer and informing the back office application.

The keyboard supports the following main capabilities:

  • Driver ID of up to 12 digits in length (0-9 followed by star (*)).

  • Background light allowing convenient operation at night.

  • Audible indication for dialing process.

  • Visual indication when the Driver ID is transmitted.

  • Transmits the Driver ID to the tracking unit via 1-Wire® protocol simulating the DS1990A Serial Number iButton operation.

  • Designed for vehicle environment with low power consumption.


Supply voltage for the 24v:                                               20 V – 28 V

Supply voltage for the 12v:                                                8 V – 16 V

Current consumption:                                                       < 5 mA typical

Protection:                                                                           Inverted polarity

Communication protocol:                                                1-Wire® protocol supporting DS1990A Serial Number iButton

Communication distance:                                                10 meters maximum

Dimensions :                                                                       55mm x 44mm x 23mm

Working Temp:                                                                  -20ºC to 70ºC

Wire length:                                                                         150 cm