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Queclink is a leading supplier of wireless machine-to-machine (M2M) devices and solutions. Queclink brings together an experienced team from both the wireless module industry and service operator side, for a complete understanding of the M2M business. We offer ready-made products for automotive tracking, fleet management, tracking & tracing, lone worker safety, mobile health care, remote monitoring and control of any assets, and wireless alarms to cover most popular applications via the Internet.

Queclink GV305CEU


Bouton de secours

Queclink Film-Panic-Button

Avertisseur actif

Queclink Active-Buzzer

Caméra RS232

Queclink RS232 Camera

Bouton de secours

Queclink WTH300

Avertisseur actif

Queclink WKF300

Caméra RS232

Queclink GL501MG-5-in-1-wireless-charger-kit
Queclink Wireless panic button

Bouton panique BLE

Capteur de température et d'humidité sans fil

Queclink wireless temp and humid sensor

BLE externe TMPS

Queclink BLE TMPS

Capteur de carburant à ultrasons

Queclink ultrasonic fuel sensor

Pression interne des pneus BLE

Queclink Internal TMPS

Trousse de lecteur de carte RFID

Queclink RFID car reader kit
Queclink: Home & Personal

Driving Smarter IoT

Queclink is a leading global provider of GPS trackers and telematics hardware. With a wide range of devices, Queclink offers innovative solutions for vehicle tracking, asset management, and fleet telematics. As a transformational IoT partner, Queclink aims to empower its customers with the highest global standards in GPS tracking technology.

Queclink Fleet Telematics Hardware

Queclink offers a diverse range of fleet telematics hardware designed to meet different industries' needs. One of their popular devices is the CV100LG, a GPS tracker with real-time tracking and monitoring capabilities. It has advanced features such as built-in sensors and a long-lasting battery life.

Another notable device is the GV75MG, a compact and waterproof GPS tracker. It is ideal for tracking assets in harsh environments and features a 3-axis accelerometer for detecting motion and impact. The GV75MG is known for its reliability and durability, making it a popular choice among fleet managers.

Queclink also offers the GB130 MG, a versatile GPS tracker that can be used for vehicle and asset tracking. It is equipped with internal antennas and supports multiple satellite systems, providing accurate and reliable tracking data. With its long standby time and easy activation process, the GB130 MG is a cost-effective solution for fleet management.

Queclink’s GPS Tracking Devices

Queclink has a wide range of GPS tracking devices designed to meet various applications' needs. The GV300 is a compact and easy-to-install tracker that provides real-time tracking and monitoring capabilities.


It is equipped with a 3-axis accelerometer and supports multiple satellite systems, ensuring accurate and reliable tracking data.

Another popular device is the GV350 CEU, a high-performance tracker offering advanced features such as dual-mode positioning and geo-fencing.


It is ideal for fleet management and asset tracking, providing valuable insights for improving operational efficiency and reducing costs.

The GL521 MG is a versatile GPS tracker that can be used for both vehicle and asset tracking. It is equipped with multiple input/output interfaces, allowing for seamless integration with other systems. The GL521 MG also supports LTE connectivity, ensuring fast and reliable data transmission.

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