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The Key to Smart Locking

Even when locked, shops, containers and gates are always vulnerable to break-in attempts. It’s time for a lock that offers more than standard protection. It’s time for Watcher.  

Businesses and individuals often leave their goods in warehouses, containers or storage areas, behind lock and key for protection. While locks do provide protection, they’re extremely vulnerable to break-in attempts. This is where Spetrotec innovation comes in.


I-Watcher is the ultimate solution for businesses and individuals who wish to provide their stored assets with state-of-the-art protection. Incorporating advanced GPS technology and 2G, 3G, 4G and future 5G cellular networks, Watcher is a powerful lock that immediately informs property owners of any break-in attempts.

I-Watcher is ideal for locking containers, gates, store gates, motorbikes and other assets. It can also be used to protect remote location storage, heavy equipment and in-transit cargo. The smart lock allows you to make sure your valuables are safe, via computer or mobile phone online tracking.



  • Ideal for motorcycles – no wiring or battery connections

  • Accurate location pinpoint during alerts

  • High-quality locking mechanism

  • Twin durable batteries for long-term security and monitoring

  • Suitable for harsh environmental conditions

  • Convenient and user-friendly

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