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FM Eco4

FM-Eco4 light+ T is a tracking device (2G) with regular housing, small size and internal battery, antennas.

FM-Eco4+ E T is a tracking device (2G) with rugged IP67 certified housing and an external antenna, which allows the device to be installed in areas that are hard to find and access.


  • 2G supported connectivity

  • Power supply range 6 ÷ 31.5 V DC

  • Internal battery: LiPo 3.7 V 190 mAh

  • u-blox GNSS module Internal or external antenna

  • Sleep mode and deep sleep mode

  • 4 x Digital inputs

  • 2 x Analog inputs

  • 2 x Digital outputs

  • 1-Wire interface

  • Accelerometer: Built-in 3-axis

  • Mini USB interface with 3 LED indication lights

  • IP67 certified housing

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