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Sensor de nivel de combustible

FLS Digital (RS 232/485)

El sensor de nivel de combustible de Tracking Hardware está diseñado para medir el nivel de combustibles y lubricantes, se puede usar en vehículos y tanques de combustibles y lubricantes.

Medirá y controlará la cantidad de  su gasolina, diesel y aceites.

Los sensores se pueden fabricar en cualquier longitud, desde 350 mm hasta 12000 mm.

Smart Fuel Cap
Smart Fuel Cap
List of compatible brands


  • Wireless Solution:
    The Smart Fuel Cap communicates with GPS tracking devices via Bluetooth. Integrated with all the Teltonika devices. 

  • Rotatesense:

    This feature detects tampering before the cap is opened thanks to its sensor technology and triggers GPS Tracking System to give user or fleet manager push notification.


  • Disincentive LED Warning:

    LED indicator on the Trak Smart Fuel Cap indicates that the fuel cap is being tracked. This feature is good particularly for threads from outside.

  • Robust Design:

    Automotive grade material and design to fulfill the requirements of harsh conditions.

  • Plug and Use:

    No need for DRILLING, CUTTING, CABLING, etc. Plug-and-use solution!

  • Long Battery Lifespan:

    Integrated battery provides more than 5 years of lifespan. 

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